With the rapid spread of the deadly COVID 19, limitless social media messages and unfathomable internet literature along with a totally bewildering state of mind as to what to do actually and elude from the widespread wraith this write up might add on to your frustration flock. But hang on, I am not here with an awareness campaign about how to protect yourself from coronavirus or to manifest the data about the proliferation or the number infected.

The catastrophe has actually risen a number of questions in I think many of our minds for which we really need to fetch a stable antiphon if by almighty’s grace we all succeed to elude safely.

Coronavirus- Crises that arose staggering questions- Pandemic or Alarm

Question no.1

Despite the immense hold of social media why are we unable to convince each other for quarantine?

Yes, you get me right. The virus has no vaccine and there is no other way we can fight it than to remain in our homes or call for a complete shutdown. I fail to discern what is the bigger wealth than our lives that we are trying to elicit by going out of our homes? And despite this being circulated like the virus itself why for the first time we are not getting influenced by the media. The pathogen has made us realize that we need to work upon human unification.

Question no.2

Why did it lead to a medical collapse?

As a superpower we have finances to spend on our security, army and weapons, but its high time we spend certain dollars on further improvising our medical facilities that can cater to emergencies like these in future and research for immunizations and vaccines that can protect us from such viruses.

Question no.3

Is it high time we modernize our health systems?

Akin to the above query yet different. Here the confabulation is beyond developing our health care systems. Artificial Intelligence seems to have dominated almost all the facets of our lives but it still fails to provide safety. I suppose there is need for cogent virtual care services. This inclines to the safety of the health care providers. In the course of the epidemic when all are advised to stay and work from home the doctors and caregivers have to get on to work. This can be a powerful breakthrough where medical care can be given by maintaining social distance. This means adding an “e” to the medical terms: eConsulting, eVisits, eMonitoring etc. This also can turn the assessment to eQuestionnaires. Digital audits can be connected to calculations to empower quick dynamic about who should be tried, while area discovery could guide people to the nearest testing area or ones with the most limited hold up time. Mechanisms can possibly upgrade COVID-19 reaction, including general wellbeing observation and flare-up forecast, fast treatment recognizable proof, and improved indicative speed and exactness. The virtual care services will also help expedite the workforce mobility.

Let’s not allow this crisis to go to waste and consider it an alarm to explore mechanisms to combat tantamount debacles.