In Home Health Care


How to Determine When it’s Time for In-Home Care

Before you can determine how to select the right care provider, you must first decide when it time to introduce care. The following questions can help you make this important decision.

Has the individual suffered a recent emotional or medical crisis?
Does the individual bath less often or not at all?
Are medications left over or running out too soon?
Does the individual need help walking?
Is the individual verbally or physically abusive?
Is the individual becoming more forgetful?
Has the individual fallen recently?
Is the individual having problems sleeping?
Has the individual lost weight recently?
Is the individual’s hearing or vision affecting his/her ability to function?
If the individual smokes, are there burn marks on clothing or furniture?
Is the individual not able to run errands alone?
Is the individual no longer changing his/her clothing daily?
Are there scorch marks on the pot holders or dish towels in the individual’s home?
Are there signs of burnt pans on the stove in the individual’s home?
Is the individual unable to do routine house cleaning?
Has the individual stopped or reduced social activities?
Total “ Yes” and “ No” responses

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, perhaps it is time to call New Horizon Care, Inc. to consider in home care services.

New Horizon Care, Inc. helps maintain independence and quality of life Local & loving In-Home Care

The Many Ways You’ll Gain Peace of Mind

Personal Care

Bathing, Grooming and hygiene

Mobility assistance

Transferring and positioning

Toileting and incontinence

Feeding and special diet

Medication Reminders

Care Services


Meal preparation


Light Housekeeping

Incidental transportation

Grocery Shopping

Errand services

Respite care or relief for family

New Horizon Care, Inc. provides a broad array of support services to promote the physical, emotional and mental well-being of the individuals we serve to maintain optimal level of independence as an industry leading health care provider. Our services are designed for health care plans, health care facilities, Native American communities and government entities. We offer high quality customized and appropriate service with the convenience of a single phone call.

New Horizon Care, Inc. provides In-Home Health Care to members or clients in the comfort of their homes assisting them to achieve the highest level of potential in their day-to day and self-care activities

Our staff travels to members’ home to provide care services and living assistance. Our work allows individuals to live independently and as comfortable as possible. Our passion is to provide loving and experienced care and support. We understand the physical and emotional challenges when you or a loved one requires extra help to remain in his/her home.


First step toward independence

Locally based for reliable service

New Horizon Care, Inc. offers a full range of in-home services to meet the unique care needs of each member/client we care for. Our care plans foster independent living in the home:

Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays and weekends.
We are available to initiate care within 24 hours of contact.
To ensure the consistency of schedule, we have a systematic approach to track when a Care Provider arrives and leaves a member/client’s home.

It is important that family caregivers make time to care for themselves and preserve other relationships and aspects of their lives. If you or someone you know is the primary family caregiver for a loved one, New Horizon Care, Inc. can provide much-needed respite care. You can trust New Horizon Care, Inc. to provide the type of care that brings peace-of-mind.

Trusted in homes throughout the State of Arizona

Watching loved ones struggle with day-to-day tasks due to illness or disability can be stressful, not to mention emotionally and physically draining. New Horizon Care, Inc. understands what you are going through and we are here to help reduce your stress by providing a variety of in-home care service for your loved one.

It is the goal of New Horizon Care, Inc. to provide you with knowledgeable, dependable, and trusted individuals who can assist your love one with their daily needs during the times that they are needed.

Providing assistance with everything from daily medication reminders to grooming and running errands, care providers are able to work closely with members/clients to allow them to continue to live at home when disease or other age-related conditions may make it difficult for them.

We provide in-home care services that can help prolong independent living. Our care approach transforms day-to- activities that engage and enrich the physical, mental, social, and emotional lives of members/clients.

Living well encompasses many aspects that can be enhanced by New Horizon Care Inc. in-home care. These aspects include mental, physical, nutritional and safety considerations. Through our care-giving approach whether cooking, playing card, doing a puzzle or looking at old photos, our Care Providers interact with and engage members/clients to help them maintain happy.

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